How do we remember?

I remember when my dad brought for me beautiful shoes when I was in 2nd grade. I remember even the fine details of that moment, and of that feeling. It is amazing how the memory works.

The scientists divide the memory into categories based on the time the memory lasts. The short time memory and long term memory. Short time memories last only for milliseconds, and memories lasting for days, months and years is called long term memory. Long term memory store experiences and our stories of life. Short term memory are cleaned very soon and our brain is ready to store more.

Memories are formed through associations-  brains tie what we see, smell, listen, and our experiences together into a relationship.This relationship is the memory of that happening or experience.

Can we improve memory? Humans are good at remembering  complex chunks of information while computers are good at remembering many simple chunks of information.That means that we can remember something better if that makes sense to us  or if it is emotionally important to us.

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